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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
1.25 md = 13/14/15 yards
1.0 md = 17/18 yards
0.8 md = 20 yards
0.7 md = 25 yards

You don't need a chart though, just remember two aim points.. dead on or bottom of kill.
If you're on a 35 yard zero if the kill is bigger than 1 md = aim centre of kill, if it's about 1md or less aim bottom of kill - Simples

There's another method with Parallax - your scope will probably be parallaxed at about 23,24 yards - so if the killzone is crisp and sharp - bottom of kill, otherwise just aim straight at it.
Brian will you be my friend ? lol

Yes I mean possible / impossible to bracket . TBH its as much as I can muster to load a pellet and shoot to be too worried about the diameter x circumference + angle - slope = a headache

I admire anyone who uses a mathematical aid to shoot well , btw Albert Einstein was cr@p at HFT !


PS: A bit of overtime after the shoot tommorow then Mr Light
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