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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Firstly, i dont see 20 yards as a good enough test range. I would not expect to miss a 20 yard stander unless blown off the kill, in the standing position.
I also do not see at 20 yards that pellets would be blown that far off cross hair.
Thus, i would like to have seen the results at 40 yards or so.
Agree, I only had 20yds available today at home so thought I'd take a go, if I get chance at the club i'll have a look at 40yds

I understand your in discomfort after 10 shot. thats 5 better than i can manage. 4 shots and i am struggling.

However, its interesting to know you managed them and i wonder, given there are only 4 standers in 50 on a gp course, could you not try standng in a gp? its usually just 2 shots then back to sitting for a number of lanes. Cant recall all 4 standers that close to each other in any gp this year?
[B]Yes I managed them but it would have knocked me out of carrying on through a GP course, there's no recovery from the injury I do myself standing by then sitting down. Avoidance is the only cure![/B
]For me and i expect others, it is stance that dictates the success rate on standers.
wind estimation ? if i have to be bothered about wind on a stander, its likey i will be blown off kill while standing.
Poor rangefinding? apart from a few using low end scopes, i really dont see any gp shooter using a scope that cant give reasonable range finding estimation out to 45 yards.
tricky light? Cant thnk of a gp this year that that applies too?
nerves yes, but that would be equal for all.

sorry ian, but you findings do notjhing for me.
tbh I didn't expect them to, the real decider would be for me to take standers fully fit, and that ain't happening Any test I provide will show an improvement sitting down
what i would like to know, is how many standers you missed in the 2011 Gp series and at what range?
I dont recall you missing any at gp 6(?) Iceni.
From memory I think I missed one from 3 GP's, how many did the top boys miss?


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