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Originally Posted by Waelwulfas View Post
Trying to the thread on an even keel, here's some quick results today. These were shot at 20yds, no allowance made for wind,

So to analyze, the standing position produced 10 shots

Assuming I'd corrected for wind as both sets show identical wind deflection we can see clearly that these groupings would both have produced 100% hits on a 20 yd mini kill, and if extended to 40yds, then although more ragged to the left, both groups would comfortably hit a 40mm kill plate.

My thoughts, firstly I'm in considerable discomfort now and wondering why I tried this. The standers were extremely unpleasant and I couldn't sustain a full competition course, having shot these. There are only 5 shots on the seaters which I tried later as it got too painful and I'd established a result.

In conclusion, for me, I think the stance would be the lowest factor in the real world when it comes to hitting standers, wind estimation, poor rangefinding/tricky light and competition nerves would be of far greater influence.
Firstly, i dont see 20 yards as a good enough test range. I would not expect to miss a 20 yard stander unless blown off the kill, in the standing position.
I also do not see at 20 yards that pellets would be blown that far off cross hair.
Thus, i would like to have seen the results at 40 yards or so.

I understand your in discomfort after 10 shot. thats 5 better than i can manage. 4 shots and i am struggling.

However, its interesting to know you managed them and i wonder, given there are only 4 standers in 50 on a gp course, could you not try standng in a gp? its usually just 2 shots then back to sitting for a number of lanes. Cant recall all 4 standers that close to each other in any gp this year?

For me and i expect others, it is stance that dictates the success rate on standers.
wind estimation ? if i have to be bothered about wind on a stander, its likey i will be blown off kill while standing.
Poor rangefinding? apart from a few using low end scopes, i really dont see any gp shooter using a scope that cant give reasonable range finding estimation out to 45 yards.
tricky light? Cant thnk of a gp this year that that applies too?
nerves yes, but that would be equal for all.

sorry ian, but you findings do notjhing for me.

what i would like to know, is how many standers you missed in the 2011 Gp series and at what range?
I dont recall you missing any at gp 6(?) Iceni.
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