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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
I don't understand Chris. Paul is saying that an abled bodied shooter may find the disabled positions easier because they are able bodied, where as someone carrying a disability still wouldn't.

I'm not sure how someone shooting a disabled position is doing a one off. Everyone I know (3 people) who shoot them have done for over a year.

I meant the people trying out the disabled positions to prove or disprove the increase in stability. Trying out a new position for the first time is bound to be unstable and yet many state an increase in targets hit?

People who want to call people cheats need to consider the simple fact that the shooters have agreed with the cheif marshall that the position they use offers no advantage. That's the rule. The positions used are not THE alternative position, they are AN alternative. Beryl was right when she said standers could be an agreed alternative, but it varies to each person (which I think places a lot on the cheif marshall to decide).

It would appear through all the blustering, most didn't understand the rules.

That may be true about it being in the rules.....still doesn't make it right or fair and it's obvious from this thread how many are annoyed by it.

To take the heat out of it, people need to be better informed for a start. And then they need to work from an informed position. I bet no-one on here has actually bothered to look at the courses that are offer to sports to help them determine the best standpoint to a disabled policy. If there's so much energy, perhaps they should use it constructively.
That's only half the problem though Rob.....the ones abusing the Disabled system are the ones causing the hassle.

What happened in Italy with shooters that normally shoot the disabled positions in the UK?...did they have to shoot the positionals in the normal way or get a zero?

How many of those that went to Italy scored a zero or took the positional shots as they were intended. If you can kneel and stand in Italy then you can kneel and stand in the UK.
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