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Don't know as I've never used that method to rangefind, I use the blurred at x & x method, cross hair dissapearing or target blurring, oh & the same one as you Dave of course, sometimes I even just look through the scope & shoot
Still miss loads though.

Just changed to low mounts recently & it doesn't work for me with a 25y zero, 40 is 1 dot & 45 1/12, with med mounts I was 3/4 @ 40 & 1 @ 45 which meant if I was unsure I could stick a dot in the middle of it which was alot easier to me, yeah alot of the closer ones are TOK or dead on but I'm loosing out on longer shots now & I never really had alot of issues with the close ones anyway so I'll prob be changing back, to much hassle to change to a 35y zero as the clubs range is 25yds before anyone says that ..
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