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Default The thing with grouping

Originally Posted by mikewills8904 View Post
i take it you were using open sights mate ,,,,,,,,,,
Had to laugh Mike. Though i have to say at 25 m i thaught the number of misses high. perhaps Connor should try it on targets as apposed to paper?

I find the thing with grouping is that you need to take your time usually for a good one. Its different in competion, just two targets and usually its a long one and a short one.

Having seen Connors groupings i thaught as there was the chance today i would try a quick set.

I think i have got the position correct?



Although both felt strange, not being used to them, the kneeling is fairly simular to my sitting position as i very rarely lift my right leg, its usually lying flat on the floor.
The shots were slightly downhill and this made it more differcult than a "flat /level" shot.
Indeed, i would say that angled high or low shots in the disabled position are more differcult than flat shots? Will have to try?

I shot the disabled position first, then my usuall. Did notice i have lost a small amount of weight as i managed to do my gimp coat up for my normal position and there was no danger of a button flying off and killing someone!
Did not do my coat up for disabled positions, turns out there seems no need to?

Like connor, i initially found the disabled kneeling position a little strange, but that i think is because it was close to my sitting position apart from my wrist was now taking the weight of the front of the gun? it did not take long though for it to become steady.

The groups, these are 40 yards outdoors, were very good though really and once i thaught about the shot it was fairly close.

25 ml for 4 shots does stretch to 37 ml with all 5, but that was lack of concentration.

Disabled kneeler @ 40 yards x 5 shot

Disabled Standing. Again, position was strange for a shot or two and i pulled the one low left by firing and breathing the same time, bad technique!

19 ml for 4 shots. Very stable really. The pulled shot stretched the group to 31 ml.

My Usual position.

Standers. i have to want standers. today i wanted the first couple, but by the 3rd shot the group was rubbish.

The final outcome was 40 ml x 54 ml.
If you take the two middle shots, it was one of them that was shot first (at a red dot, which fell off0 and then used as aim point. The second shot went high, the third low, fourth high and the fith fluked its way level.. I think at best i was 2 ex 5, and trying.

This is my standing group in disabled position (top) and usuall position (bottom)

This is my kneeling group in my usuall position 15ml

Last time we did the tests on targets. Think i might try repeating a short test on targes with some inclined shots?
It backs my earlier tests in that disabled kneeling i find no advantage over usuall, but its the standing where i would say i would pick up targets, 2 x5 became 5 ex 5 at 40 yards.

Ok in a gp i might only pick up two more targets (i usually hit shorter standers) but that could be a big difference?
Cant make up my mind about this whole debate, but in gp / main shoots i am thinking the disabled thing perhaps does not give as big as an advantage as i first thaught?

however, i do think the disabled position would give an advantage on sillys and shoot off plus showdown.

More testing saturday?
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