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Originally Posted by MrGreen View Post
'Scuuuse Me!? I hardly think you are in a position to be offering dress sense critique. You drive a metallic lime green Fiat, FFS!....with DENTS!!
Anyway, back to the topic. I tested the gun/silencer/muzzle end combination on the clubs 'posh' chrono on thursday. All tested fine, shooting around 11.2 to 11.5 with either fitted. Clearly the Chrombro doesn't get on with the standard muzzle end.
Panic over.
Its a combro sandel wearer . Yes its true I do have a naff car and if that means you get home faster than me only to let yourself down with your lack of ...... 'err length then thats fine by me . lol

My car neither extends my tackle nor gets me home fast enough to test it anyway .

Glad you got it sorted Paul , if I get a chance I will do your trigger tune this week although you may have to remind me .

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