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Here are my personal findings on the alternative standing position side by side with the normal standing position.

My findings were as follows;

Normal standing 24 hits ex 36 - 12 misses. (I will be the first to admit I had a lucky streak )
Alternative standing 16 hits ex 36 - 20 misses.

My normal standing position felt more comfortable, was a tad more stable, more consistent and had a superior % hits.

The alternative position didn't require the use of the legs and although lower to the ground I was more unstable and preventing my body wobbling back and firth was a struggle. I had to lean backward to support the gun which was again unstable as muscle groups were being employed and not bone structure. My left supporting elbow was not being supported in the same was as usual by my pelvis bone, instead it was resting on the quad/groin intersection with the pelvis, exactly where the femoral artery is located (lovely pulse through the cross hair). After struggling for a few minutes for a stable base, i found that contrary to the normal stance the feet were best placed at about 40degrees to the target unlike the 90degrees for normal standing.

Again reflecting on the position it is a decent middle ground position with a fair amount of stability but it is not as accurate as the normal position and if i had to use this position on a rack of silhouettes I would pack in after the chickens

I ran out of card targets so quickly printed off these which I should have used for all the testing, outer ring is 40mm, inner 20mm and centre is 10mm.
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