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Here are my personal findings on the alternative kneeling position side by side with the normal kneeling position.

Firstly may I add that I hate shooting at and grouping on paper i have no axes to grind and my results are totally impartial, others may experience different results.

My findings were as follows;

Normal kneeling 34 hits ex 36 - 2 misses.
Alternative kneeling 22 hits ex 36 - 14 misses.

My normal kneeling position was far easier to do, it was definately more stable, was more comfortable and more consistent, I also had a far superior % hits.

The alternative position felt unstable, it made me snatch the trigger at times and it was very (at times extremely) painful in the groin muscle groups which were being used to prevent the upper body wobbling. It was also painful on the ankle of the supporting leg as there was a lot of pressure on the archillies tendon due to the need to lower the leg from the seated position.
Probably with time and practice the position for me would get better but it is not one I would like to have to do on a regular basis.

On reflection however the position does offer a fair level of stability and offers a much better plaform for beginners and those who struggle with kneelers due to bad technique, indeed I can remember back to a time when my kneelers were horrific and this position would have been a big benefit. What I would say for those comments about "cheats" is the person(s) who opt to use the position without the real need to are cheating themselves by not putting the time and effort into building a solid normal stance, which I do believe when mastered is much more stable and accurate.


I have included the best, average and worst groups for each.
The 9 ring is 21mm, 10 ring is 9mm and the 7 ring is 45mm.
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