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Default Winter HFT teams

Bellow is the list of Winter HFT teams, if you still want to have a go at the team event, then just add your team to the bottom and come and join us on the 11th of December at Cambridge.

Teams are 3 or 4 persons, with three scores to count, There are team prizes on the day and your are not to late to try and win the prize for the whole season.


The Dream Jeanies
Jean Greatrex c
Alex larkin
Simon Vant
Gary Chillingworth

Harrys Halfwits
Harry Fallows
Steve Griggs
Jenny Stone
Richard Woods

Roger Raiders
Roger lait c
Ray hampton
Kyle Hampton
Barry Smith

Ryders Riff Raff
Geoff Ryder
Darren Quincey
Shaun Eustace
Martin Goodsal

Matt's Buddy Bottle Boys
Matt rawlings
Simon Jones
Wayne Pearce
Stuart Deeks

Doc Holiday & the Earps (formaly the midnight cowboys)

Michael holiday c
Richard bailey
Dennis Oaks
Mark Hackman

Becky & the sharp shooters
Becky Rawlings c
George Vant
Alex Honeywell

Chidzoy's Chappies
Jonathan Chidzoy c
Martin Slane
Chris Boulton

Harrys Halfwits
Harry Fallows c
Steve Griggs
Jenny Stone
Richard Woods

Godwin's Goodfellows
Dave Godwin c
Martin Lord
John miller

Desperate Dans
Daniel Measures c
Justin Rhone
Richard Blackshire
Kevin Turner

Matts Hatts
Matt Goodson c
Lis Osman
Alan Measures
Kelly Hogan

Bainbridge Bombadiers

Ian Bainbridge c
Lloyd Davies
Peter the pole

Geoffs Regects
Geoff Westley C
Ralph Presland
Alan Sultano
Clive Presland

Peter's Mix & Match
Peter T Edwards c
Peter J Edwards
Matt Edwards
Glenn Picard

Mikes Mutants
Mike Carney c
Mike Issacs
Keith Warburton
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