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Heres a great one as you say Martin

If you plate a target ( especially a reducer ) don't keep taking shots to see where you hit or didn't hit for the following reasons :

It splatters the target for the next shooter making it even more difficult to see thus making it a more difficult target than the one YOU MISSED !!!

Oh and you don't get a 2 just because you hit it on the fourth attempt either !!!

Another good one is to never say a negative word about anything airgun related especially in HFT - you may have learned by your mistakes as a head strong pro active moaner and as a result are more subdued and helpful but the moment anything happens in your club you will get tarred with the same sticky brush as the moaner .

Perhaps the best one of all though is , IF YOU MISSED , YOU MISSED simple as that - a nought isn't shaped as a two even in poncy japanese David Beckem writing ( The writing on his left arm has his sons DOB followed by the words ' kiss my koi carp ' - you've been warned ) lol

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