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Well i'm halfway there tomorrow folks, number four out of eight, a few more tweaks in the pipeline...they reduced the dose of the Oxilaplatin (That's the stuff they inject me with) to eighty percent last time and did it over three hours which must have had an immediate effect 'cos i slept through most of it! And the after effects were almost non existent, still feeling sick for most of the following fortnight though and i'm on the maximum amount and differing types of anti-sickness tablets, so they're gonna try reducing the tablet doseage and have suggested i try an alternative source that a clinic runs, hypnotherapy being one of them, i'm open to try anything if it sorts the sickly feeling out.
The weather has been kind of late and wearing thermals and two or three layers of clothing on top plus gloves, a hat and one of those neck warmer thingy's has meant i have been out shooting quite a bit, had a day up at Redfearns on Saturday and at Ponty yesterday, shot my first proper FT style shoot there actually, the winter league course was still out and i managed to sit through it twice.
Really looking forward to the turkey shoot at Reds and the WL at Emley now.
Just this minute had a phone call from the hospital, my blood test done today shows that my body hasn't recovered enough from the last dose sufficiently enough for them to give me the next lot tomorrow. It's been postponed for a week, this throws everyting out of sync, not only the shoots i was planning toatend but more importantly to me it now means that through christmas i'm going to be right in the middle of a session rather than at the end of one. Not happy. These things happen i suppose but i doesn't make it any easier to take.
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