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If you wish to do the work yourself and save a lot of money then contacting Blackpool Air Rifles for a V-Mach kit is a good place to start!

As they come the TX uses a piston weight and a relatively soft spring, this gives a smooth but sluggish firing cyle and makes follow through critical, it can sometimes also cause POI changes between standers and sitters, the V-Mach kit dispenses with the piston weight and uses a high quality stiffer spring, V-Mach piston seal and spring guide and also supplies pre load shims and spacer for you to experiment with.

the end result is a much faster firing cycle with the lighter piston/stiffer spring, it tamesa a lot of the POI changes and keeps the smooth firing cycle, but, it's more of a crack than a berdunk effect, its not harsh but its faster, so you have to decide how you want the rifle to fire?
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