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Originally Posted by Matt View Post

How far will we have to change the sport of FT to accomodate everyone? How do we accomadate visually impaired for example, do we have a seperate set of targets brought in closer or with much larger kills? this is one of the reasons I am of the opinion that we should leave FT as is but also have a disabled competition as well.

All answered above. The sport needs to look at the whole spectrum of possibilities and then work on the merits of each. Trying to pick one then making the horse fit the cart's argument will always leave room for people to prod at them.

You can have inclusive, exclusive, parallel, and modified rules... each has it's own set of pros and cons, each has 3 other options which are arguable standpoints. We have to see there is a range of possibilities.

We have to understand what those possibilities are. There are several suggestions which fall into different categories within this thread. The courses appear to give us the tools to look at those directions and see which is best for us. We should not be doing what works for each sport (that clearly varies between sports), they hopwfully have chosen the direction best for their own sport. We should choose the one for ours, and we therefore should do that from an informed viewpoint, not an emotional one. Missing a leg or having a back problem no more makes a person better equipped to make these decisions than being perfectly able.
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