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I've been afforded a glimpse at the material the courses Rutty mentioned about, and the immediate impact was for me to realise we will go at this until the cows come home because from every viewpoint we have there will always be an alternative argument for something different. Always, no if buts or ands. Always. End of.

With emotion being the motivation by what are suggesting, there is a real risk that we will damage the relationships we have whilst persuing the same goal which I believe we share which is how to make the sport better.

We will go around in circles discussing this on the net, (which isn't how the BFTA makes decisions anyway), get no where fast, and probably do damage along the way.

These courses seem to give us the tools to decide on our direction, based upon it's pros and cons and the sports capabilities. If we look at the problem objectively, we may not end up where we thought we may or should be, but we will have a solid basis for answering why we are there. At the moment the rules are where they are because they have been reactive. But it is now obvious if we react to everything we will always go around in circles, because the viewpoints are equal and opposite.

I intend to find out where we can access these courses, and then we can perhaps have a central one run one day/evening where as many interested parties can attend... or find where they can be locally.

I really think that unless people get on these courses then we are not best equipped or informed to make these decisions. They do not seem to cover the technical aspects of medical problems, they seem to be a cold hard look at how to solve the problem, and the possible solutions and how to determine which of those solutions is optimum for our sport.
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