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Default Suggested amendment to Rules

After much thought and too much coffee how about the following amendment to Rule 10 of the main shoot rules.

Amendment . Rules 10 i a to c to be deleted

10. shooting
Any shooting position is allowed but some lanes may be designated as ‘standing’ or ‘kneeling’. These will be shot in accordance with the Definitions of Shooting Positions (standard positions).
In the event of a competitor being unable to comply with these conditions the following shall apply

a) the competititor shall have applied to the BFTA for recognition as a disabled shooter prior to the competition and been registered as such.
b) On production of said registration The Chief Marshal shall require the shooter to use the adapted position 1 (standing) as per the Disabled Shooter Rules 2011 for all standing and kneeling shots.
c) In the event the adapted position 1 cannot be used for medical reasons and/or specialist equipment is required this shall have been considered by the BFTA and precise alternatives specified in the registration. The Chief Marshal shall ensure that the terms of the registration are properly complied with.
d) Once a course of fire has commenced the shooter will not be permitted to alter to a standard position on the discipline targets.

This prevents anyone trying to gain an advantage on standers and then revert to a more stable normal kneeling position; penalties e.g. forfeiture of targets could be considered in the scoring rules. The pressure is removed from Marshals on the day to adjudicate on disability, no card no dispensation.
The course remains the same for all, and finally there will be no advantage gained over a full course by the use of these rules.

Ian Challis

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