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Originally Posted by paul4be View Post
There are a great many able bodied and disabled people with a huge wealth of skills, including shooting obviously.

I can see that there is a point where inclusion demands changes that may move too far away from a specific set of discipline rules (of whatever type). FT is a physical shooting event that includes different shooting positions as part of it's make-up. How far away from this can things be changed/adapted before it is in effect a different discipline?

Reality is though that for example there are both the Paralympics and Olympics held as 2 seperate events.

I understand that the thread was started specifically in relation to the use of alternative positions. However, the above does raise questions that go hand in hand with the original question. Rightly or wrongly there will be plenty of people also unsure about this as well I am sure.

I am not saying that a complete split is necesserily a good idea, but just how far things can and should be adapted within the existing rules is important.

Again though, just how many people do actually shoot using the alternate positions? Are there any records of this?

At the moment there is no central registration within the BFTA, my own highly unprofessional calculations suggest that the numbers involved at national competitions would be very small.
If, like the Paralympic movement ,there were a substantial number of Disabled FT shooters then a separation could be realistically considered, with grades for different abilities, sponsorship and all the bells and whistles of top level FT offering genuine competition against a sensible number of shooters, otherwise it goes the way of SFT.
At this stage of our sports development this isn't the case, unless I'm wildly mistaken.

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