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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
Can some one tell me how long the disabled position has been used?
what did we do before there was another option?
And how many people took the alternative before there was another option?
I still think that the issue is not with people shooting the disabled position,but with people that us it cause they can not do kneeler's.
If the idea of a smaller kill come's in then i think there will be some miracle cure's on the way.

simon francis
Simon before the disabled position came in the people who could not kneel would normally shoot kneelers standing (with permission from the cheif marshall) or on odd occasions before that shoot them all sitting( I was beaten in the showdown by someone shooting them all in the sitting position). However i would rather compete with people "and give them an advantge" in the disabled position but really i do not give a monkeys if the likes of Tony fouracres can only compete with using the disabled/alternative position good for tony he knows that he is not going to beat the big hitters he plays because he wants to and if he does beat the big hiiters it is bacause they have not shot to the best that they can as for the CHEATING people not really worth commenting on them.Steve Page
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