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Can someone please tell me how on earth is creating a sitting only class going to solve the problem.It sounds to me like,so long as its not in my back yard.Isn't creating a sitting class simply moving the problem there?
If i was in a major comp and was up against someone less able bodied than myself and happened to loose against them,then i would be pleased for that person,that dispite their disability they have managed to win.I would'nt be saying they have only won because they had an advantage over me.What would anoy me is if that person was'nt genuine.
Having a sitting only class is still going to have the same problem, only this time the true diabled person is having to put up with the problem.The problem is the cheats,AKA the ones who can't shoot standers and kneelers and hate taking them,because they can't be arsed putting the endless hours into practicing them, like the rest of us have all had to do,So what they do is, take the easy option.Kid on they have a disability and take the shot via the disable rule.
Surely isnt the solution to sort these poeple out via what Beryl has suggested and not create yet another class?
Surely the whole idea of our sport is a test of true marksmanship and been able to shoot in ANY position.
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