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Originally Posted by rich View Post
That seems to have the makings of a sound proposal.

For example, 40 yard full size kill kneeler if you are able-bodied; the "disabled" kneeling position offers some advantage, so anyone shooting in that position has to shoot a 40 yard 25mm kill target placed alongside.

Maybe then the quasi-disabled (aka cheats) might prefer to shoot the 40mm conventionally.

Is there really that much of an advantage with the alternative kneeling position . Was talking to Andy Calpin the other day. He reckons there's not a lot, if any, advantage in using the alternative kneeling position (his kneeling position is extremely good/stable though ). There is an advantage if your kneeling position is poor though to start with. However he reckons there's an advantage when it comes to using the alternative standing position, especially if it's a little windy.
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