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Originally Posted by paul yates View Post
i thought the whole point of this thread was to have an open and honest discussion about the merits of the disabled shooting positions and the fairness to all shooters involved in any level of competition no matter what their respective grades are. and no i am not that naive, nor am i stupid before any body asks the question, to think that it is any one persons attempt to stop someone with a disability winning a competition. i have nothing but respect for any body with a disability who strives to compete and do their best regardless of their physical circumstances. however i have absolutely no respect for any body able bodied or other wise who uses their physical abilities or lack of them to gain special or preferential treatment to the detriment of all involved in the sport.
Completely agree with you Paul, if I've gone home for a shoot with any sort of trophy I'd like to think that it was as tough for me to get that far as it was for anyone I'd competed against. My point is that under the current system, if properly applied, it is still hard work for a disabled shooter.

If the debate, and ultimately our rules, move forward to seriously rexamine the current adapted positions, by the best scientific means we can gather so that we either accept the validity of the current BFTA view towards the positions; or we achieve an agreed alternative stance/optional target etc, whilst keeping disabled shooters within the framework of the current grade system then I'm all for moving forward.

Whilst i've made my own view clear on the current use of these positions I'm more than happy to work on practical alternatives on the range to cross compare results. Personally I'd like to hang on to my AA grade under conditions where other shooters are comfortable with my shooting whilst at the time not being penalised for a disability.

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