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Open, SFT and recoiling are classes that people enter by choice, however, few people choose to be less able and few of those, I think, would wish to be forced into any class other than that which they have chosen to compete in.

If the sitting class is introduced, will the less able have the option of: A. shooting in the sitting only class or B. shooting the class of their own choosing but at a disadvantage? Or B. will anyone with a disability simply be forced into the new class? I ask as these (in summary) seem to be the only options that many of the able shooters are prepared to consider. Not a very appealing choice but for what its worth, I'd take the disadvantage and shoot the class of my choice (assuming I am to be given a choice).

Paul's question regarding categories does warrant examination. Will there be a: a NEFTA WL 'sitting only, recoiling, FT' class (of possibly one)? Or will everyone who qualifies for the sitting only class be lumped together in one sub-category, regardless of their previous preference?

I can't help but wonder if those who extol the virtue and fairness of these solutions, would be quite as keen on them if they 'qualified' for the above options themselves.

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