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Originally Posted by plattitude View Post
So would the sitting class be sub divided into Recoilling,SFT and Open, i.e. Recoilling sitting class ? or a stand alone class irrispective of the type of shooting you do.

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Paul....I see the undercurrent of your reply....and things could (are) get really silly in respect of' classes. I think the present grading/rules and classes are fair and equitable in their present form. If there is a movement to form classes for 'disadvantaged' shooters so be is what it is...(would you really expect a top class sport/discipline to make exceptions to the less able comptetitors...'just to be fair'?...nah)

I shoot to enjoy..I have a disability that puts me me in B grade consistantly (I'm a Emley Moor Moor member will explain that to you..LOL) and enjoy the talents you have...I do
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