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Originally Posted by strangefroot View Post
Since this thread started ive had a few people in touch that used to shoot the " nefta classic " . They no longer take part in the shoot as it was too physically demanding & Would certainly come out of classic retirement if a sitting only class was introduced . What do folk think ? They wouldnt be eligible to take the top ft or silhouette trophy or the overall classic champion title but would be once again able to come & enjoy the unique atmosphere & shoot against like minded people for the top sitting class title .

This is only a few of my thoughts at the mo but if enough people think its worth doing then it can be fetched up at the next nefta meting & given a shot .

cheers , calps .
Andy, that would most likely be the easiest way to allow a compromise. A seperate class rather than bigger changes to FT shoot rules in terms of positions/ additional tagets out on lanes would probably be easier to administer.

It would be interesting to see if everyone who currently uses the adapted positions continued to use them, if the sitting class were adapted along the lines as suggested above.
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