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Originally Posted by Danladi View Post
Ah that flash test thing is pretty cool. Is there a version of this training manual you have written online someplace?
Yup it's :-

>PDF Range Finding Training Manual <

It was written a few years ago now, and things have moved on since those days - for example, there are far more home grown targets than there used to be, the minimum distance for a 15mm target is now 13 yards and the comment at the end about the faceplate method not being too well known is a little out of date - most people know about this now.

Be warned, it's quite a lengthy document - there's a lot to wade through, if you're new to the sport it might be a bit off putting to read.

There are a few additional methods I haven't documented, but I'm not giving away all of my little secrets

It's still true however that the most reliable method of rangefinding is to use the Parallax trick - it takes some practice but it's the only method that course designers can't set traps for - it's also the method I used to use when I was out hunting. If Mr Bunny was blurred in my scope, I knew I needed to get a bit closer before taking my shot. Now I use a Laser Range Finder when I'm out hunting which makes life a lot easier.

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