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Originally Posted by IAN TAYLOR View Post
This thread started by me saying this is not a personal attack on any one shooter, the fact that there grade is A-AA or how good they shoot is not the point. I have not heard of any one using the disabled rules whos scores have not improved, In theory a 50 target course using the disabled rules gets you an 8 target start. I have tried the disabled kneeling and find a massive advantage also the standing. To say nothing has been said up to now is wrong this tried getting in at the 2005 worlds we talked to Barry Longbottom and put a stop to it. What a poor way to put it that top shots feel threatend, what about the words Sportmanship and fairness, this is not a fair system thats in place. How on earth is this going to change anything whats proposed to the NSRA everyone will produce pictures of what they can achieve and we are back to square one with the disabled shooter getting an advantage. If there is one thing that has come out of this discussion with everyones views is that what we have now is wrong .
Thanks Ian.
I beg to differ Ian. Before injuring my right kne in a fall, I was able to hit about 90% of the knealers on a shoot, In fact I considered my knealing shots as steady as a sitterand didnt consider them a problem. This is mainly due to shooting£positional matches from the age of 19.

Following the injury and the adoption of the 'disabled' position I found I was lucky to hit 50% as the position is inherantly unstable. After a year using the position, I am now able to hit knealers more consistantly but still feel a degree of anxiety when it comes to knealers that I never had before.
If I was able to bend the knee beyond 90% I would be far hapier to use the correct position on kneeling lanes.

To sugest that the use of a disabled position makes the target a given and a head start is ridiculos.

Maybe we should revise the whole system to a handicap one would give all shooters a fai chance of winning on the dayand would cancel out any percieved advantages or disadvantages. The shoot wouldthen be decided by how the individual exceedes his (or her) average on the day.
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