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Rereading this thread, I keep seeing how changes should be made in the interest of fairness but looking from the other side of the fence, the suggested changes are not fair, they simply move the unfairness around. For instance:

It seems to be considered fair, that those who can't kneel be forced to stand for kneeling shots. Does it occur to anyone that people who can't kneel, tend to have problems with their legs generally? (Knees are typically located about halfay up a leg.) That's not to say they can't stand and take a shot but that the standers they are already doing, may well be compromised.

Let's say that as well as having a knee that only moves 15 degrees before bone stops it, the person also has one leg 3/4" shorter than the other and that same leg does not straighten or lock out at the knee. This means that perons right leg (back leg) is held in place by muscle tension, rather than locking it out (as most will agree is preferable when taking a standing shot). After a little while this will cause the leg to shake which is uhhelpful.

In what way is it fair then, for a person who already has issues achieving stability on standing shots, to be forced to take three times as many standers (typical at club level) as those who can kneel and stand perfectly well? Would not a fully able person have an unfair advantage in these circumstances?
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