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I can't believe how complicated we're making this issue. Perhaps I'm being too dense to appreciate the full picture but isn't the answer quite simple? All that's needed is a simple change to the wording of the rules:-

1) That standing shots may be taken (by any shooter) in either of two ways - the present stance or
the alternative stance.

2) That kneeling shots...... ditto the above.

The advantages would be:-

a) This would enable those people who are incapacitated for any reason, whether temporarily
or long term, to achieve a position which allows them to participate without having to give any
explainations or provide any medical evidence and to compete without stigma or innuendo.

b) Those who are presently able to assume the standard positions would have no cause for
complaint that anyone was seeking to gain an advantage because they themselves would be at
liberty to assume that position if they truly believed it was an advantage.

c) There would be no need for an additional "class" with all the complications that have been
well documented in this thread already.

d) It would make marshalling simpler and remove potential controversy. Not only does this taint the
the day for the shooters concerned but is equally upsetting for the often "press-ganged"

e) It would remove any requirement for any type of medical certification. This could be costly,
and would require administrators within the sport to have a degree of medical knowledge, and
the people issuing the certification to have a knowledge of FT, and which in its own right could be
open to abuse and manipulation.

f) I believe it would be simpler for all concerned and would require no earth shattering changes
to our sport.

I could list many more advantages, but enough is enough.

Roy Boliver
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