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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
I've no idea how it would work Rob, It's upto the BFTA to consider all the options which will then get voted by the regional reps.

I can't see any reason why a sitting class couldn't be graded if there were enough shooters, the BFTA currently runs classes with only a few shooters regularly competing as does UKAHFT
But those classes with a few shooters don't preclude you from anything. You can still qualify for the showdown, the regional and national teams, and win overall. Nothing wrong with classes, but they don't stop you doing anything as far as I am aware.

It seems there is a reluctance to admit there is a limit on what a sitting shooter could achieve.

It's up to the EFTA to choose a team, for an event which doesn't have a sitting class, and allows alternative positions. Any proposal that is made to the EFTA committee will have to consider that, it being the core function of the body.

Scrap positionals. Solves all the problems. Level playing field, everyone inclusive, and we can have a try-out for the EFTA team that is done to WFTF rules.

I just think the idea needs to be fleshed out to make the discussion as productive as possible.
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