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Originally Posted by Great Gran View Post
To All that have posted on this thread

The Item on agenda for Saturdays BFTA meeting concerns Certification for Less Able shooters to use approved alternative positions which take account of any disability and allow a suitable position which enables them to compete but not gain any advantage over an able bodied shooter.

To obtain this dispensation the shooter must submit photographs of positions and any aids required , taken from Front, Leftside, Back and Rightside together with details of their conditions and how they affect their ability to use 'normal' positions.

This would be a major step forward in sorting out the problems/ perceived problems that have been posted on this thread.

My own application for this has been used by the NSRA as a test case as they rely on the BFTA for FT Rules etc and many of their officials have never taken part in this shooting disipline.

This has meant that the consultation between BFTA/NSRA has taken longer than expected.

I am attempting to prepare a report for Saturday giving the suggestions put forward on here, these can only be put forward to the January meeting for consideration (via Any Other Business) and then your region needs to become involved and make definite proposals which must be with the BFTA Secretary more then 30days before the January meeting takes place - These will also need another Region to second them, this can be at the meeting - and a full discussion can then take place.

The BFTA is a democratic organisation and this means 'change takes time'. Genuine input is welcomed but it has to come through the correct process i.e. Your Club takes it to the Region, if the Region accepts it they bring it to the BFTA. Discussion among yourselves is great but then you have to talk to the people who represent you.

Thanks Beryl.....i think that is what most on here wanted to see. Although i accept there is a democratic process to follow, i also feel that a good robust discussion also can be beneficial. I'm confident that there isn't a single shooter on here that wants to see a talented shooter penalised because of a disability and i'm also sure that a shooter with a genuine disability wouldn't want to gain an unfair advantage. It's about shooting skill at the end of the day and i would hate to see the day come when someone takes a major trophy whilst percieved to be 'swinging the lead'.

One thing i really find perplexing is the fact that some on here take comments so personally...not just on this thread but on past threads where constructive comments seem to escalate into slanging matches......i have been guilty of this in the past.

I do agree with Beryl on one thing though......i really wish the members of this forum (and the BBS) would use their real names, or at least put them in their profile. I suspect it would cut down on the more abrasive comments from the keyboard warriors
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