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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
Sorry Beryl but people should be allowed to come on here & have their say without someone suggesting they may or should be disiplined.

Fair enough I don't shoot much (if any) FT at the moment but I have tried the alternative positions with a number of people & they do seem to be more stable than the normal positions, I think this is where the problem lies as the alternative positions are not supposed to give an advantage or disadvantage.

I've heard some suggest that these positions give no advantage...if that is the case can all shooters use them if they want ???

Pete Dutton (41091)
The problem is Pete that the people who try the positions and state that they give an advantage are able bodied

Personally I would much rather take the shots kneeling but can't, I find that I get a acute pain in the hip with leg out stretched and can't wait to get out of the position but it is a position I can shoot while in pain whereas I just can't kneel end of.

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