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Originally Posted by fredyninefingers View Post
i think that if somebody is applying for a dispensation with their kneeling/standing shots then thats course enough for a disabled or all sitting class.....if any person cant shoot the required disciplines as set out,then a new class needs to be formed.....or split everything all sitting ft,sillouettes for standing and maybe an all kneeling discipline.
i,ve heard tales of lads running about with aircylinders over their shoulder then suddenly shooting disabled class.......
maybe it could be time to invent a new shooting position to take the place of kneeling but is obviously more challengeing than sitting....
or replace the kneeling shots with 2 maximum distance reduce kills and 4 standers.
i thoroughly enjoy fieldtarget shooting in its current form but i,m always open to change or progress ......
I could quite happily walk the course carrying a 12 litre cylinder but if I kneel in a shooting position ie knee bent right back then my ligaments tear and I end up not being able to walk for 2 to 3 weeks until they heal, I know because this now happened to me twice and I am not prepared to risk it a third time for anyone I also can't work during that time

I have no problem taking the shots standing but some argue this can give an advantage

There is no way I would consider myself disabled but if I can't kneel and can't take the shots standing what other option do I have apart from not shooting those lanes.


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