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So are the majority moving to a position of accepting the use of the 'adapted' kneeling position in its current format? The consensus seems to be that if anything it may be less stable. If so that's a step forward and one problem removed.
So two issues left ;

firstly, who are the disabled shooters, and who are the chancers.Accepting a proper registration WILL answer that one. Suggesting that medical evidence can be bought is spurious and offensive.

secondly, the standing position. Once a shooter has to apply to the BFTA for the dispensation he/she will need to explain why a certain stance needs to be used. If a shooter can hold the normal standing stance comfortably, but cannot kneel due to a knee joint issue then I would suggest that they could be required to stand normally, a certificate would be issued for kneelers only. Perhaps the attention could be directed now to re-asessing the standing stance alone to reach an amicable agreement, I've already stated my personal view. Then the sport can genuinely progress in an equal and diverse enviroment.

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