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Default Disabled Kneeling Position

Just a few words by way of some discussion notes.

I'm into my full 2nd year of FT shooting, completing last years regional winter league, and attended all but one of this summers GP's. My right knee is damaged and wont bend far enough for me to kneel with my backside on my heel so instead I use the disabled kneeling position. I certainly don't find it as easy as the sitting shots and usually only manage to average 50%.
I always used to shoot my kneeling shots in the standing position until in a particular lane the visibility was blocked when standing and the marshall suggested I adopt the disabled kneeling position (at the time I didn't know that there was such a thing).

I would desperately like to shoot the conventional kneeling position Ė it looks so good - and believe me I've tried many a time. The look I get when I say I'm 'disabled' but appear perfectly OK is a tad intimidating.
I want to shoot with the 'big boys' and definitely wont enter a special sitting class, I'd rather sacrifice the points.

So some food for thought:
If the disabled kneeling position is easier and considered an advantage (I really donít know as I can't kneel properly to try it) then all shooters could be offered this optional position.

Is there an option within the rules for me to take the kneeling shots standing or am I obliged to kneel? If it is a viable option then I can at least have a go. NB. Course setters would need to ensure that a stander could see the targets.
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