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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
I think this is the problem.

I know, using the disabled positions i will hit alot more disaplines shots. I believe most other shooters i have talked to agree, Mr.Calpin seems to have come to the same conclusion as well as other top Uk shooters.
Thus, to the shooter taking the disapline shot kneeling or standing, it is perceived as not a level playing field because the kneeling or standing shot is harder than the disabled shot.

as has been mentioned, class wins usually come from shooter with the higher number of disapline hits.

It would be interesting to hear from those shooters taking kneeling or standing shots in the disabled positions, if they think they are easier, presuming in the happier past they have taken shots standing and kneeling?

I greatly respect Andy C and take note of his opinions but what he said was, quote "Personally i dont see a problem with people taking kneelers off their bums as i found very little advantage from it over a conventional kneeler". Agreed he has different views on Standers so that may need looking at!

If it helps, speaking for myself, I personally find the disabled Keeling position no advantage and only get approx 50% of them, but at least I'm trying to take the shot as closely as possible to the normal stance. Back in 2006 when I won the SWEFTA Championship and was taking the kneelers in the normal position I was far more stable and probably got 90-95% of them. RobF also poster earlier that he was more stable in the conventional position......

I don't know, but perhaps the bigest problem is with the alternative standing position only, I certainly know that when people suggest that taking a kneelers as a stander, that would then be a real disadvantage to most!
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