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All, I do not usually post any personal posts but I feel I must vent my anger before the meeting on Saturday.

Please can I point out that I have been shooting the Current disabled Positions from a seat since 2005 - allbeit in B Grade gradually climbing towards A and until last year this argument was nowhere to be seen. Is it just that someone has actually managed to compete in A grade despite the pain and discomfort it causes for 2 or 3 days after a GP with a little sucess and now the 'Top Shots' feel threatened?

I would be ashamed make some of the comments that have appeared on this post about any other person and I am very offended for all the genuinely less able shooters out there that we have people in this sport who are happy to be derogatory and tell the world that they are!!!

The only disiplinary offence in this sport is 'Bringing the Sport into Disrepute'. If everyone on this thread was man enough to post their real name then there would be few poeple nearing this offence.

Beryl Noon

Shooter of 20+ years in the BFTA
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