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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Ian, before the current "disabled" rules came in, which i think was 2010, what did you do on standing and kneeling lanes at Gps?


Good question. I stood and kneeled up to the end of the summer season 2008. My condition had worsened over the years and I had found the strain of GP's increasing to 50 shots from 40 hard going, as per previous post it wasn 't just the problem of the discipline shots but the knock on effect along the course. As a result I rarely entered GP's or national events. When I did, such as the 2006 SEFTA GP I shot 45/46.
I put the SEFTA high score at the 2007 Inters, and won the 2008 Essex 50, having finished 3rd in SEFTA league that winter with an average of 90.87. This is why I'm not convinced that I personally have found some new level of performance; I've just recovered or stabilised, if you will, my shooting standard.

It was after winning that glass man, that I found the strain of a full FT course to be excessive, the knock on effect and pain management took up the first half of my week after a shoot. I consulted Roger Moy and Tony Cook in extensive e-mails,as per my previous.

I began sitting for the 2008 winter and Roger accompanied me at the 2009 Inters to observe the 'new' positions. Whilst not directly involved in the 2011 disability rules I was given to understand that the BFTA's members had agreed, as per the written rules and photos, that the two adapted positions gave no noticeable benefit. Nothing has changed in terms of their grounds for use, just that someone might now be in with a chance of winning. What I find a little strange is that as far as I'm aware no-one has actually won a national event with these adapted positions, yet the possibility of an occasional disabled success threatens to wreck the sport?

Now, do I find the positions easier? More comfortable yes; for me the tension in the neck fibres is reduced and I suffer far less pain. Shooting remains an uncomfortable experience but at a tolerable level. Kneelers were never a great issue to me, if anything the new position is slightly more unstable in that I find the rifle rocking more side to side. It's better for my pain but I actually feel less confident as I pull the trigger, although the end results are the same. Standers are again more comfortable, but easier no. I still have to hold the rifle up, although the load is dispersed through the body better, I'm still getting the same oscillating target picture, timing and breathing are still critical. Tbh I've found a shooting jacket and sling to be the greatest improvement, either in this position or my former stance, which is why you see me boiling on a summers day in layers of clothing.


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