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Talking Nice 1 nobby 8)

Originally Posted by Toucan59 View Post

Countryman Fairs After Dark Series

Round 2

The handicaps nearly did their job tonight, with one of the closest overall finishes for a long time.

1Roger Lait39039
2Darren Quincey39039
3Richard Woods39039
4Simon Vant39039
5John Miller37239
6Simon Dixon37037
7Lloyd Davies36036
8Richard Bailey36238
9Harry Fallows36036
10Steve Thomas35540
11Ian Bainbridge35237
12Mark Hackford35439
13Jennie Stone35237
14Michael Holliday34438
15Tom Willingham34539
16Tony Ward34236
17Alex Larkin34034
18Shaun Downes34539
19Ray Hampton34034
20Kyle Hampton34034
21Callum Quincey33538
22Dennis Oakes32436
23Bill Chaplin30535
24Steve Willingham30535
25Jim Lowe29534
26Nick Cant28533
27Lisa Holliday26531

Full results table can be seen on the club website.
Nice shooting Nobby not too shabby for a green horn, the Gaystate NEARLY did it's job!
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