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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
I think those who do the positions needs to be asked what their view is. .
Absolutely. Everyone should be asked, people who currently do the disciplines and people who use the dispensations.

This is such a difficult problem to try deal with. We really must not rush into anything without a proper consultation across the wider FT community.

At the moment we're faced with two options. Stick with the current method (which is upsetting some able bodied shooters) or exclusion (in one way or another) of disabled shooters.

At least this is a stab at trying to accomodate both. If the wider community is happy to accept that a very hard sitter could be equally as difficult as a discipline, and there is no relative advantage or disadvantage to either. And then draw up some rules for course builders based on a simple forumla, we can accomodate everyone without introducing all of the stats, qualifying, top shot on the day, etc etc problems that come with some of the other suggestions.
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