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Originally Posted by johnharper View Post
as a newby to the ft scene and reading all above this
its a shame that they are playing with fire to accomadate the all new sitting position, one rule for one and one rule for another
and again reading through this if they are sick or disabled as some are gen people and others are not
why not as one person alredy said prove it with a gen sick note
i peronaly am pap at standers but would rather keep plugging away at them to get better at them than lose them in the course hope not to afend anybody but thats my input and if you cheat who are you cheating nobody but your proud selfs good luck
the problem with sick notes is you might genuinly have something wrong with you however this genuine problem may not actually effect you from taking the standers or kneelers how they should be taken, its people who use this as an excuse just because they are bad at kneelers or standers which is why its all come about. like neil says hes got carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists arthritus in both knees and he could proberbly get a sick note even though hes able to take the shots as they should be which is what he does.
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