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Originally Posted by mundungus View Post
Yeah. Its basically to scrap the modified positions. For people who cannot/dont want to stand or kneel, there is an option to shoot a much harder target sitting.

I think we'd all agree that sitting is easier than either discipline. So we can forget about any argument about perceived advantage. And if everyone (well, abled bodied shooters anyway) gets the choice whether to go for the eaiser targets disciplined, or the harder targets sitting, they cannot complain that someone else had an advantage.

Its just a matter of gathering enough (honest) statistical data to derive how difficult a sitter must be to balance out against a given discipline.
Oh... i skip read the bit about able being able to opt in... not sure how that would fly, if someone didn't opt in then you'd have the same debates. I thought it was just about making it harder to take the perceived advantage away. As you say though, it's hard to determine if that exists. Some say it does, some say it doesn't. I would still expect them to be taken in the alternative though... else really they're just sitters, and 25mm out at 55 can be hit with some ease under some conditions by some.

Am I mistaken in saying there's little voice to keeping the alternative to standing?

The only time I have missed just one positional, it's made no difference. Once I missed a stander and a 30-35yd reducer and some chancer called Osborne cleared the bloody thing for the first time ever. I missed little more than a stander each round of the showdown, and at GP 2 it was a stander and a kneeler (forgot to dial)... but then no-one knocked me off my perch that day. Apart from that I don't think i've been that close, perhaps a 2nd and a 3rd in AA. I remember shooting 38/9 ex 40 sitters at bisley a few years back and only hitting one positional!

Perhaps if we got some groups up for the positions, we can see what we're up against? The only thing we do need to remember is that some who opt for the alternative may still be struggling... they may use the alternative because there's actually no other alternative.

As an aside from that, I think those who do the positions needs to be asked what their view is. Remember most only do them because they've been told they can because they have been struggling or unable to do the other positions.
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