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So your solution as an alternative to kneelers and standers is actually sitters! And we're on about level playing field and equality, how many shooters have finished 39 ex 40 or 49 ex 50 to have been denied the clear by a discipline target.
I had to quit the sport I dearly loved due to a series of serious knee injuries, I played it at the top level and could still take part today but the only problem is that due to the amount of training required and number of competitive games I simply couldn't sustain it. It forced me into an early retirement from the game at the peak of my ability. I had to accept it and get on with life, took up FT and got on with life.
Also on another note you don't see Bolt weighed down with a lead vest in the worlds 100m final to make it a level playing field! The cruel thing about sport is that there has to be a winner all the time and if you can't do the sport according to the rules for one reason or another then that's just life, sporting competitions find the best competitor in a competition ALL of which have competed to the same rulings. If you can't compete to those rules then you either consistently loose or if a disability restricts you then you can enter an alternative competition which everyone else is competing to the same format and rules which suit your disability. Sport is a cruel world, I should know I'm a PE teacher.
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