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Been reading this thread with interest & have done a bit of experimenting to see what all the fuss was about , so here goes .

Personally i dont see a problem with people taking kneelers off their bums as i found very little advantage from it over a conventional kneeler .

The standers are a totaly different kettle of fish ( or they certainly were for me )
The first advantage i found was that by being a lot closer to ground level the wind affects you a lot less .
The second advantage was that your torso cannot physically girate from side to side anywhere near as much as when you are on your feet enabing a much steadier shot to be taken .

One other major finding that surfaced for me was the amount of muscle power used , it was exactly the same as when i was on my feet In the 10 mtr position .....So, can someone explain why,a person would need to sit down to take standers when they need the same amount of muscle power as they would whilst on their feet !

Thanks andy
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