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Default Ft disabled rules

Why do we need the NSRA rules we have our own shooting organisation the BFTA who as only one objective to look after there members who shoot Field Target with air rifles, not full bore or any other shooting discipline just air rifles. We are quite capable of making our own rules and if we wish to change them we can, probably not so easy if we have the NSRA rules. So back to the debate first we need to remove the disabled discipline rules, then it looks like were down to two clear options.

1.use the rule we used before if your unable to kneel you have to take them standing if your unable to stand your score card is marked with two misses.

2. a new all sitting class this will accomodate people who cant or dont like shooting the discipline shots, this class will run along side most of our competitions an example is the GP series trophy to be provided for each round plus the overall series winner, so you will have an open class series winner and an all sitting class series winner.The only competition were it could work for both classes to compete would be the showdown and then only if the open class shooter is given the option to go all sitting when going head to head with someone all sitting.

If anyone has positive ideas to move this sport forward i look forward to reading them.
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