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Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
And that's the problem's both A and B.

A group of us at Emley tried the disabled positions and found that the increase in stability was very noticeable.
That's B then Chris It doesn't matter about shooters being fraudulent if the overriding issue is that it's not fair to the able bodied shooter who takes the shot as intended.

I tried the alternative kneeler, and when done properly, with the right leg flat against the ground, it was worse than my kneeling. But then my kneeling, when right, is very tight. At the moment, i've got a back niggle, and the alternative is even harder because of the sciatic giving me a jolt. Kneeling is actually more comfortable. It's an additional thing to remember that the injury that may make the alternative the only option may make it a harder option than for someone without the injury.

But I agree it's difficult/impossible to measure, because shooters from either ability can distort the results. We could probably get some data with Scatt, but it would be very difficult to do it blind. That said, we may be able to find some shooters who are impartial and have good holds to determine what can be achieved. That may solve one issue, but if it doesn't we're back to square 1 perhaps, or even further back.
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