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Default I'm finally dialling!

Thank's to Kev Sayers, Chairgun, raising my scope and the narrow field of view through it, I have finally conceded. And I'm now in the process of setting up my scope for dialling!! I never thought I would go down that route, but it's now the only logical path to take.
So, I now have a few newbie questions about dialling.

With holdover, you turn up at a shoot, find everything going low/high and adjust your zero on the turret, job done.
How is this achieved when dialling?
I hear people saying "i had to give everything 4 extra clicks" but is that it? Do you just remember how far out your zero is? Is there another way?

Atb from a newbie dialler!

Steyr LG100
Anschutz 2013 MEC1 .22LR
Miroku 3800 12bore
Rodacciai .410
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