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As I said before, agree at least on what the point is, then you can work through it.

Is it about people falsifying their disability to gain an advantage or is the problem that there is perceived to be an advantage anyway?

The cold facts are you can never have a level playing field for all. So you either exclude, or draw arbitrary lines where you define classes. You can make those classes less arbitrary, but they will always be based upon numbers and fudge work, and some will still be excluded. Some already are anyway, no sport can extend to accommodate everyone.

If you don't mirror what a able bodied shooter can obtain then you end up with exclusion somewhere.

As I said to Beryl in PM, the NSRA scheme may aim for a level playing field at the club level, but at national ie the British Champs, there are still separate classes. There are also titles that are not mirrored in those classes, for example there is no team championship. This therefore imposes a limit on those who are in those class. But then is that better than a slur being placed on people who are in the open class?

You will not solve cheating or make a level playing field. No rules have done this in any sport to date. All I think you can do is aim to reduce the problem, but you have to agree on what the problem is first to do that.

So, is it;

A) People are cheating and taking shots in a manner they shouldn't?

B) It doesn't matter if people are falsifying disability or not, there is an advantage in not taking the shots as they were originally intended?

They are different issues, and demand different solutions (assuming they are agreed on by the majority)
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