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[QUOTE=luddite;75226]Its not simple, thats the whole point.

Who decides who is disabled and who isn't?

I have arthritis in both shoulders and its painful taking standing shots, am I entitled to use the disabled standing position?[/QUOTE]

I'd say yes........if the standing position is not possible and would/could cause potential injury or inflame a condition to the point that several days of pain will follow. If just uncomfortable then no. It also covers temporary injury that makes a particular position impossible. If the position is removed all together from the rules then anyone who has a temporary ailment is effectively prevented from competing.

In HFT I take all kneelers standing which puts me at a dissadvantage as it is a more difficult position........but I don't complain and don't insist all able bodied shooters take the kneelers standing so no one has an advantage.

Like I said, it's the few who will take advantage of any situation to win that has caused this and previous debates. I'm sure that they are known to many but are allowed to carry on regardless. Maybe if an example was made and a few were banned for a season then it'd make people think twice. In most sports this is what occurs if someone is blatantly cheating..........not change the sport to accommodate the cheaters.

I personally could not prove to anyone that I have osteoarthritis in both knees and my right word should be enough. If I had to lie and cheat to win (not that I'm a good enough shooter anyway to worry the top shots) then I'm only cheating myself and any win is a false one.
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