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Default Taking "kneelers" from standing position

[QUOTE=Great Gran;75136]Please can I make a correction to a few point that have arisen in this tread.

1. The first alternative position to for anyone who cannot kneel but is able to use the standing position is to take their kneeling as standers thereby they gain no advantage over ablebodied shooters.

Thanks for the clarification on this point, Beryl. Having just checked the BFTA main shoot rules and the disabled shooting provisions, however, I'm afraid I can find no specific reference to this option. (If I've overlooked something, please accept my apologies.)

If the rules do make it clear (or are amended to say) that shooters can take kneelers from the standing position, this will be helpful in two ways:
- It will eliminate any suspicion that a shooter with a minor or non-obvious disability is out to gain an unfair advantage
- More importantly, it will mean that shooters will not feel under pressure to risk injuring "a dodgey knee" by being forced to shoot kneeling, in order to compete in open competition.

By the way, if a change to the wording of the rules is agreed at the AGM, I think it would be simplest to say that "Any designated kneeling shot may be taken from the standing position." That way, if someone's knee is causing problems during a shoot, for example, they can switch to standing, without complication/confusion.

Finally, with regard to shooters with more extensive disabilities: I think we should recognise that just getting round the course can be a major challenge for some and that the rules need to make every possible provision to enable disabled shooters to compete on equal terms in open competition.
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