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Originally Posted by Danladi View Post
cheers for that, it's a lot of food for thought!

hasn't scared me off don't worry! it seems like it's best to use more than one of these methods at any time to get an accurate-enough range estimation.

bracketing from the base-plate to the centre of the kz seems like a better way of doing it. at least that is a fairly consistant size. I find the scb-style reticle alot easier to measure sizes with than the more standard mil-dot i had on the gun previously. But it is still easy to make a mistake with it I agree. definately combining with some other methods is the way to go.

was hoping for a quick and easy fix but ah well i'll stop being lazy :P practise practise practise it is then.
It's when Mead/Gamo/home made targets get thrown into the mix then becomes tricky. If I'm ever unsure, which is often as my range finding is rubish! I'll either bracket it, check the blur to give me a best guess and then cram as many aim points in as possible. Luckily I'm better at guessing wind than distance!

The best way is by eye but there's only a couple of people who are much good at it and it comes from experience.

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